7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking

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Let’s Have A Look At 7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking…

Below are 7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking if you’ve run out of other ideas.

You’ve most likely heard of utilizing nicotine gum or a nicotine patches to quit smoking, but some smokers like to utilize more innovative methods for stopping the practice of smoking. Perhaps you have actually tried all the traditional approaches without success or possibly you just want to stand out from the crowd, so you can say: – “I did it my way.”

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7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking
7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking

In either case, read on to find out some weird and goofy ways people have quit smoking. You can attempt them yourself or use them as motivation for your own unusual quit smoking techniques.

1. Wager Your Method to Becoming a Non-smoker. Some individuals report success with making a bet to quit cigarette smoking. If you select this technique, you can pick the terms of the arrangement such as how long you need to quit and the final prize. This can work with another fellow cigarette smoker and even a non-smoker who desires you to have success.

2. You can likewise try to find competitors, such as one sponsored by the World Health Company, that rewards quitters with prize money.

3. Pay the Effects. Have you come across a container to help you stop using profanity? You can do the very same thing for cigarettes. Every time you smoke a cigarette you can put a dollar into a jar. At the end of the week, the cash goes to someone else? it could be your kid, your partner, or a co-worker.

4. Aversion Therapy. There are all sort of ways you can link smoking cigarettes with something you don’t like. For example, some individuals put on an elastic band on their wrists and snap them every time they long for a cigarette. The idea is that you link the pain with the craving.

5. Still others have actually done things that seem a little more revolting such as eating a pet dog biscuit, licking an ashtray, consuming your cigarettes or taking a look at images of malignant organs. You can attempt anything that you believe will turn you off.

6. Chain Cigarette smoking Marathon. Have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? Some people opt to smoke and smoke till they just get sick of it. This means blocking off a day so that you can smoke one cigarette after another without any breaks.

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You can make the experience even worse by doing it in a closed space that will fill with your smoke. For many people this makes smoking cigarettes a more unfavourable experience and helps make it a bit simpler to quit smoking for good.

7. Discover a Smart Substitute. Many people decide to chew gum or consume sunflower seeds to assist quit smoking cigarettes. However you can also discover more unusual replacements such as drawing on a pacifier or tweeting instead of cigarette smoking.

Well let’s hope  these 7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking will help you when all else fails.

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