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NicotineSlave Mission statement


We have built this website to help as many people as possible to overcome their nicotine addiction.

The founder of this site is an EX-100 (5 packs) a day smoker!

He is sure but for quitting smoking over 15 years ago, he would be dead by now.
Every year he would get the latest cold bugs that would always go to his chest and turn into the worst hacking coughs that would last for what seemed an eternity.

Since quitting smoking he has not had one cold and even escaped getting the dreaded covid disease.

So, with that said, we look forward to a brighter and healthier, smoke free future for all of us.

We would like to say thanks to everyone for your interest in Nicotine Slave, and we appreciate any comments you would like to add.

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We value all comments and will respond as quickly as possible.

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