The best ways to Help a Friend Quit Smoking

Have you ever wondered what the best ways to aid your friends in their quest to quit smoking?

If you’ve never experienced this yourself, it can be hard to understand why someone wouldn’t simply stop doing something that they know is unhealthy for them. Surely the facts and the knowledge of the harm that they are doing to themselves should be enough. If that’s what you think you would be terribly wrong.

Even if you have done it yourself, it is still necessary to understand that everyone deals with the circumstance of stopping smoking differently.

Smoking cessation for some people needs different approaches than it does for others. It is not easy to give advice to smokers across the board with just one technique. Different smokers need different strategies to help them stop.

To know the best ways to help somebody remove cigarette smoking from their life, will need a little research by yourself. It’s important to be thoughtful and understanding however, so learn to recognise the triggers they have in their life. Do not attempt to tell them that you know what they’re going through. This will only make the person inflamed and more likely to reach for a cigarette.

Help a Friend Quit Smoking
Help a Friend Quit Smoking

Here are some pointers to help a friend Quit Smoking:

  • Don’t expect them to be able to quit all at once; it is the best way but not many people manage it.
  • Provide support even if they are only cutting down.
  • Improve self-confidence by showing you believe in them.
  • Sit in non-smoking areas if you head out wherever possible.
  • Help them form an exercise routine- and workout together.
  • Offer small benefits to reveal you recognize their efforts to stop smoking.
  • Avoid telling them you understand how it feels, it never helps.
  • Be there if they need to talk.
  • Offer interruptions to fill empty time when they made be encouraged to smoke.
  • Ask for their input on how you can assist support them.

When an individual is attempting to quit smoking, it can be discouraging and annoying when friends and family keep telling them how proud you are of them. Your inspiration and support can be the one thing they have to help them get through this extremely tough and attempting time but don’t over do it!

If you want to help someone you know or care about quit smoking, be patient and just be there for them when the going gets tough.

All of us know about the significant health threats of smoking and exactly how difficult it can be to stop by yourself.

You may be the one thing this person had to help them make it through this experience and become smoke-free at last.

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