Is Nicotine Bad For You

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Why Is Nicotine Bad For You? I’m Sure You Already Know The Answer.

When you ask the question, is nicotine bad for you, most smokers try and avoid answering the question. Do you think it’s because they are scared of the answer?

“Nicotine Addiction Slavery, should be listed as one of the worst crimes ever inflicted upon Humanity.”

The best way to quit smoking is one of the most pressing and most important decisions you are ever going to have to make.

You absolutely have to want to prevent your premature death and all of the smoking related diseases that go with (what was once called a harmless pleasure, dare I say, even fashionable) …smoking!

Smoking was seen as sexy, as you can see in the publicity picture of James Dean above. People lived in ignorant bliss then, we don’t have that luxury now; we know the truth!

What is nicotine and why is nicotine bad for you?

Some nicotine facts for you:

Nicotine is defined as a toxic, oily, straw colored substance that changes color to brown when exposed to air.

When people ask me, is nicotine bad for you they are hoping for an answer that will ease their fears but…

The very simple answer is: Yes nicotine is very bad for you, seriously bad!

In concentrated form, nicotine is used as a potent insecticide.

The amount of nicotine which occurs in tobacco leaves ranges from 2% to 7%.

So, the next time you hear someone else ask the question; is nicotine bad for you? You will know the answer!

The nicotine you inhale from cigarettes is a seriously habit-forming substance which occurs in tobacco naturally.

It is the active component you get from inhaling tobacco smoke.

It has a pungent smell and a bitter taste.

Why is nicotine so bad for you?

According to an article in Wikipedia quoting: ‘the American Heart Association’, nicotine addiction has historically been one of the hardest addictions to break, while the pharmacological and behavioural characteristics that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those determining addiction to heroin and cocaine.

Do you think this answers the question: Is nicotine bad for you?


The decision to quit nicotine addiction is not only for you, but also for
the benefit of your family and everybody who loves and cares about you.

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We intend on giving you all the help and the most current up to date information on quitting smoking you are ever likely to need.

But there is one area of your health where you will definitely need some extra help!

Namely: Your lungs will be in need of a Cleansing Nicotine Detox.

While researching the subject of cleansing our lungs with a good detox after quitting smoking, I found a really useful guide that may be of interest to you.

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It is called the: The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide

The most important answer to: why is nicotine bad for you is…

Because it becomes an addiction, and – an addiction, is the compulsion to do something, even when you know the consequences to your health and well-being, are going to be ‘Extremely Detrimental.’

This is my number one answer to the question:is nicotine bad for you.’

Is nicotine bad for you - Learn to say NO!
Is nicotine bad for you – Learn to say NO!

All smoking products have the potential to become addictive from:
cigars, pipes, the evil weed (cigarettes), and something you may not be aware of – even smokeless tobaccos.

We all have the knowledge that smoking is seriously bad for our health and that we really should do something about our nicotine addiction and YES, there are literally millions who try each and every year to quit smoking, (over thirty million), but it is also a sad fact, that most will fail.
Some within a few hours, and very, very many within a week, especially those that attempt to quit smoking on their own.

Do you know that approximately half a million American citizens die prematurely each year from smoking related causes?

In A study by – “Is Nicotine Bad For You?” it was found that smokers averaged 34 annual sick days, compared with 25 sick days a year for former smokers and just 20 for non-smokers.

“Quitting nicotine addiction is easy, I’ve done it lot’s of times.
I once quit smoking 6 times in one day!”

Does the above sound familiar?
It’s the keeping off of nicotine, that is the most difficult.
Some would go as far to say ‘IT’S COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.’

The mission of Nicotine Slave is to give smokers all the help and assistance they will ever need to quit nicotine addiction, forever.

Why listen to me:
I used to have a 60-80 cigarettes a day nicotine addiction habit, (YES, 3-4 packs a day).

I went to bed one evening and gave serious thought to what I was willingly doing to the detriment of my health.

I looked into my cigarette packet and found there were 3 cigarettes left.

I don’t exactly know why, but I made the decision there and then, that these 3 cigarettes would be the last 3 that I would ever smoke. and that  when I woke up the following morning it would be as, a non-smoker. Nicotine addiction would become ‘past tense’.

“I made a definite conscious decision:
I would never be a slave to nicotine addiction, ever again!”

I poured myself a glass of wine, then sat down and smoked my last 3 cigarettes.

When I woke up the following morning it was as a non-smoker, that was over 9 1/2 years ago, and I have never had one cigarette since. (A few wobbly moments though, I will admit).

All I did was make a definite conscious decision, to kick nicotine addiction, sounds really easy doesn’t it?

“If only it was!” >>> I can hear you gasp (sorry for the pun).

Nicotine addiction is probably the most difficult drug that the majority of people will ever be confronted with in their entire life.

It is common knowledge that the power of nicotine addiction is the reason we get hooked on smoking so quickly; that the tar in cigarettes causes lung cancer, and a host of other bronchial diseases plus emphysema.

That the carbon monoxide in cigarettes is the reason that smokers are at a far higher risk of heart disease.

That the nicotine in tobacco heightens blood-pressure, heart-rate and causes problems with breathing, which in turn reduces their levels of stamina.

That smokers sense of smell and taste becomes reduced over time and that long term smoker’s skin ages faster than non-smokers skin.

Is nicotine bad for you - Chemicals in Cigarettes
Is nicotine bad for you – Chemicals in Cigarettes

Below I am going to give you a list of smoking facts that many of you may not know
with regards to nicotine addiction.

nicotine addiction red cross There is approximately 10 milligrams of nicotine in every cigarette.

nicotine addiction red cross Nicotine is just 1 of over 4,000 chemicals some poisonous, found in smoking products.

nicotine addiction red cross There are lots of toxins and nicotine in the products known as smokeless tobacco.

nicotine addiction red cross Do we really choose to introduce tar, acetaldehyde, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide, and on and on into our bodies.

nicotine addiction red cross Do smokers realise that they are putting every organ in their body in danger?

nicotine addiction red cross There is a definite link between smoking and leukaemia and it is responsible for 33% of cancer deaths.

nicotine addiction red cross Cigarettes Smoking induced lung cancer is the NUMBER 1. killer of men and women, being linked with approximately 90% of lung cancer cases.

nicotine addiction red cross Smoking has been conclusively connected to cataracts and pneumonia.

nicotine addiction red cross People who smoke heavily are 4 times more likely to die from cancer as non-smokers.

nicotine addiction red cross Casual smokers are still twice as likely to die from cancer as non-smokers.

nicotine addiction red cross The dreaded lung cancer is the number 1 cancer associated with tobacco and smoking, I’m sure you were aware of that.

nicotine addiction red cross Some other cancers that are caused by tobacco abuse and nicotine addiction, are:

Cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidney, ureter, and bladder.

Phew, I think I’ll call a halt there.

If you haven’t got the message yet, that nicotine addiction is very dangerous for your health, you probably never will.

OK, OK, enough is enough, is there any good news on the horizon?

YES, absolutely!

nicotine addiction check-blueSurprisingly, your blood pressure and pulse will get back to normal within 20 minutes.

nicotine addiction check-blueYour lungs will start to improve and clear after one day (24 hours).

nicotine addiction check-blueWithin 48 hours your system is virtually nicotine free, WOW!

nicotine addiction check-blueAlso Within 48 hours, even your sense of taste and smell will begin to improve.

nicotine addiction check-blueWithin 3 days your breathing will start to improve plus your energy levels becomes stronger.

nicotine addiction check-blueWithin 2 weeks to 3 months you will see an improvement in your blood circulation.

nicotine addiction check-blueWithin 3 to 9 months your respiratory problems (coughs, labored breathing etc) will have started to show a marked improvement.

nicotine addiction check-blueYour risk of suffering a heart attack is reduced by 50% to that of a smoker after 1 year.

nicotine addiction check-blueYour risk to the dreaded lung cancer is also reduced by 50% but you have to wait 10 years for that good news, although your risk is being reduced all the time as the years go by.

Have a look at this video I found on – YouTube, for some very good insights into – Is Nicotine Bad For You?


Nicotine addiction is probably responsible for more health problems world wide than any other single thing, but with the right mind-set you can really can kick this deadly habit.

It can take years to get your lungs back to full health; this guide helps you to speed up the recovery quite considerably, if you would to learn more about lung detoxification after quitting smoking, I have provided a link below –

It is called the: The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide

I think we can safely say that the answer to the question:
“is nicotine bad for you, is yes,yes yes!”

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