May 15

Is Smoking Sexy? The evidence suggests – YES


I am wondering; do people still think smoking is sexy after all the articles that have been written and all the evidence of the harm they are causing themselves and the people near to them!

From everything I see and hear, I guess the answer is still a resounding – YES!

Is smoking sexy after all the evidence
Is smoking sexy after all the evidence against it?

My partner was in hospital a while back with a near fatal condition, (thankfully she did survive and is making a good recovery). The reason I bring it up is I was absolutely shocked to see how many doctors and nurses were smoking around the hospital grounds. There were patients on gurneys attached to drips outside the wards puffing away merrily with the staff who had wheeled them out.

I presume I had been lulled into some sense that people were finally getting the message as I wasn’t really in smokers company and of course restaurants and most public places have now banned smoking.

Is Smoking Sexy? The smell of smoke and tobacco around the hospital was overwhelming so I have to assume that people still think so.

Below is a video on youtube of a young woman smoking with a hacking cough and it’s been viewed thousands of times! So people are actually going to Youtube just to find videos of people smoking because they think it’s sexy. It really is hard to believe.

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Below is another video I found on Youtube which is somewhat heart breaking but I do urge you to watch and maybe forward it to someone who is finding it difficult to motivate himself or herself into quitting smoking.

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The bottom line – Is smoking sexy? 100 per cent NO.

When you watch this video I think you’ll agree there is nothing sexy about putting yourself at risk of getting Lung Cancer.


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