The Benefits of Lung Health Food after Quitting Smoking

It goes without saying that the benefits you get with these foods are negligible if you carry on smoking. So with that said lets look into what we can do to help improve the health of our lungs after we’ve managed to quit smoking.

These lung health foods are obviously good for people who have never smoked cigarettes as well.

Garlic is the number one lung health food, it has been regarded as a super food for centuries.

Garlic is a natural food that assists with cleaning your lungs and detoxing them of all the gunk that builds up from the residues left behind by smoking.

Lung Health Food - An apple a day
Lung Health Food – An apple a day

Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes of this spice, it is at the top of the list as a treatment for any number of conditions from sore throats to viral infections.

In addition, garlic assists you cough up mucus and tar that hinder breathing and cause damage. Besides, due to the fact that garlic can decrease cholesterol and reduce swelling, it is likewise good for your heart.

Carrots are another amazing food for the well-being of your lungs . They are packed with vitamin C, an effective anti-oxidant that is able to assist the lungs to heal from the inside out, and prevent some lung disorders.

Carrots are likewise rich in vitamin A, which is directly connected to lung health.

And did you know, these roots include beta carotene, an anti-oxidant that might reduce the occurrence of workout induced asthma. Plus, carrots have lycopene, another anti-oxidant that affects lung health and reduces the chances of developing lung disease.


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A top lung health food is oranges and orange juice which offer vitamin B6 and vitamin C, this offers an extra level of security to the surface of the lungs.

These vitamins help the lungs transfer oxygen to cells more effectively.

Furthermore, oranges are installed with beta cryptoxanthin, a natural anti-oxidant. This combination of nutrients makes oranges an excellent fruit to be included in your diet for much better lung health.

It is essential to take care of your lungs, as typical ailments connected with them include Asthma, Bronchitis, Persistent Obstructive Pulmonary Condition (COPD) and Lung Cancer.

Poor lung health can likewise make everyday jobs harder, as oxygen is responsible for delivering energy and nutrients throughout your body.


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