Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

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How Difficult is Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey?

For many individual smokers who have actually attempted to stop smoking, many of them have not been successful due to the approach they decided upon to help them stop smoking, so Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey is important to understand.

A lot of people who have stopped smoking entirely have tried several times before success came to them. When you try quitting smoking cold turkey you are applying one of the oldest and most widely used techniques, to utilize and help individuals to quit smoking.

What does quitting smoking cold turkey, actually mean?

It means using a treatment method which doesn’t use
any medicines to control the withdrawal symptoms.

To give up smoking cold turkey you need to be prepared.

Meaning, that a lot of smokers think that you can simply cease smoking and that pure will-power will be all that is required from there onwards; sadly, very few smokers have this amount of will-power.

So, for many individuals quitting smoking cold turkey, is just not possible.

The recommendation is, make sure when you do decide to stop smoking: that you have made a plan for every type of approach possible to help you quit smoking.

Remember: The number One goal is to quit smoking, whatever it takes!

The majority of smokers assume that when you – ‘give up smoking cold turkey’, you shouldn’t utilize any aids whatsoever such as, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, inhalers etc.

Some smokers believe that if you go cold turkey, you are more likely to stay a non-smoker.

In various studies it is estimated that about 10% of people – quitting smoking cold turkey, will be successful.

You could improve your opportunities for completely quitting smoking with the cold turkey approach if you follow a few golden rules:

  • Such as making sure you comprehend exactly what the withdrawal problems are, so you are ready to deal with them
  • Drinking lots of water will help to flush the body of toxins quickly
  • Keeping your mouth active and keeping a chart of exactly what is happening when you have a craving will help you to keep an eye on what is occurring to your body
  • Remember, a strong craving will subside after 3 minutes
  • So, when you experience a craving look at your watch and time it
  • Memorize the feeling of it weakening it’s hold over you
  • Wow, does that feel good!

Walking or calling a buddy, maybe both, when you feel you can’t cope any longer without a cigarette. You will need help on occasion as you move closer and closer towards success.

You will be surprised how people will bend over backwards to help you conquer the dreaded nicotine stick.

Self-control is essential and your success will depend on how badly you want to stop smoking and whether or not you have true belief that you are capable of success, you really can do it.

Now keep in mind that not every person will have the same strength of feelings from withdrawal. You could have none or just a couple of withdrawal signs and they are most likely to differ from one person to another person and at different times.

When ever I had the cravings really strong, I used to keep telling myself, this is what it feels like to be on the road to success, NO LOOKING BACK!

So, why not quit today?

When you begin your journey – quitting smoking cold turkey, you are accessing the only method that is truly free, and you can do it at any time, but I can promise you one thing, there will never be a day better than today to quit.

Quitting smoking cold turkey - Your life burning away
Quitting smoking cold turkey – Your life burning away

Smokers who keep putting it off until a better day arrives are living in a fools paradise; I’m sorry if you are offended but sadly it’s the truth.

Fortunately, if you are not victorious with the cold turkey technique to stop smoking, then you will be happy to know that there are now more effective treatments offered that could at least double the possibilities of stopping smoking successfully.

Every possibility to help you quit smoking will be covered in this site.

Ultimately, you have to really want to stop smoking because of all the damage it is doing to your health.

I think we can all agree; the governments of this world would not be spending the hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to educate us on the evils of smoking if there really was any doubt at all on the harm that it does to us all.

Even non-smokers suffer from the effects of second hand smoke around them and children still look up to their parents for guidance.

So, if you are on this website, then you must be thinking of quitting if only in a minor way…
…. Just giving it consideration at the moment.

Ask yourself this simple question:

Why would I willingly put a substance into my body that I know is detrimental to my health in a very grave way, I understand about all the poisons that I’m introducing into my system, plus I understand the harm it does to the people I love and care about??

And to cap it all, it costs a small fortune these days to be a smoker, never mind what it costs to the health and medical system.

When you come up with a good answer to carry on inhaling poisons into your lungs, let me know!

After you have conquered the most addictive drug problem the world has ever seen, you will want to speed up the process of getting healthier lungs.

This really will keep you on the straight and narrow, because as you begin to feel the benefits of healthier lungs, the last thing you will want to do, is undo all your good work.

After researching many many products, my recommendation is below…

Remember for healthier lungs see The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide

See our home page ‘Nicotine Slave‘ for further articles and information.

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