Are You Ready To Quit Smoking This Upcoming Stoptober Campaign 2014 Challenge Month?

Here at Nicotine Slave we encourage all smokers to take the challenge on.

If you can manage to quit smoking for a month then you can manage to stop smoking for life.

Did you know that if you stop smoking for a month, you are 5 times more likely to quit smoking for good?

Let me ask you a simple question:

“If you could buy an extra 10 years of life, how much would you be willing to pay for it?”

The reason I ask this question is because it has been proven that if you give up smoking before the age of forty you will gain on average an extra 10 years of life.

And guess what it won’t cost you a cent – by quitting smoking you will actually save a ton of money!


Stoptober Campaign 2014 1
Stoptober Campaign 2014

Here are a few suggestions to help you stop smoking in this forthcoming – Stoptober Campaign 2014 – challenge month.

If you a team player then you might want to form a group of fellow smokers who would also like to quit smoking this Stoptober month, maybe you could set a up a Facebook group so that you can all monitor each other and give each other encouragement when the going gets tough (it always does at some point).

You could also find would be quitters in your work place and organise a group to take on the Stoptober Challenge there.

- Stoptober Campaign 2014
– Stoptober Campaign 2014

I should think that just about every smoker today would like to quit if they thought they would be successful; so let’s all encourage each other to go for the challenge.

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