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Is Smoking Sexy? The evidence suggests – YES

IS SMOKING SEXY??? I am wondering; do people still think smoking is sexy after all the articles that have been written and all the evidence of the harm they are causing themselves and the people near to them! From everything I see and hear, I guess the answer is still a resounding - YES! . The bottom line - Is smoking sexy? 100 per cent NO. When you watch thi [...]

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7 Secrets Control Smoking Urges

Discover 7 Secrets Control Smoking Urges Successfully... Here are the 7 Secrets to Control Smoking Urges Effectively. You've heard all the witty quit smoking sayings. “It’s the cigarette that smokes. You are just the sucker” - “Cigarettes are a classy way to commit suicide”. You've heard them all and none has any effect on you. Most smokers can’t give two h [...]

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3 Top Challenges When Trying to Kick the Butt

Guess what the 3 Top Challenges when Trying to Kick the Butt are? Here are the 3 Top Challenges When Trying to Kick the Butt! The famous author, Mark Twain, once said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.” While this quote is amusing, the fact remains that trying to quit smoking is one of the toughes [...]

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7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking

Let's Have A Look At 7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking... Below are 7 Weird Ways to Stop Smoking if you've run out of other ideas. You've most likely heard of utilizing nicotine gum or a nicotine patches to quit smoking, but some smokers like to utilize more innovative methods for stopping the practice of smoking. Perhaps you have actually tried all the traditional approaches w [...]

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Tabex Tablets Reviews

Tabex Tablets Reviews For the people who have asked here follows two curated 'Tabex Tablets Reviews'. Tabex is also known as 'Cytisine', an anti-smoking drug more widely used in Eastern European countries.  See our home page 'Nicotine Slave' for further articles and information. We hope you have found this article - Tabex Tablets Reviews - helpful and will click [...]

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Nicotine Cravings

Have you ever wished you could Stop Smoking without those Savage Nicotine Cravings "I was a smoker too, I had an 80 cigarettes a day habit or should I say, more correctly - an 80 cigarettes a day nicotine drug addiction; so I know how it feels to have those nicotine cravings for a cigarette, only too well." When you need to focus your thoughts, and come up with some great i [...]

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Smokers Wake Up Call

Is This The Ultimate Smokers Wake Up Call? I found this video posted on YouTube and it is really kind of scary; if this is a truly accurate assessment - it is definitely the ultimate smokers wake up call! We hope you have found this article - Smokers Wake Up Call - helpful and will click the share button to help spread the word and please leave your comments below, m [...]

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Lung Health Food

The Benefits of Lung Health Food after Quitting Smoking It goes without saying that the benefits you get with these foods are negligible if you carry on smoking. So with that said lets look into what we can do to help improve the health of our lungs after we've managed to quit smoking. These lung health foods are obviously good for people who have never smoked cigarettes a [...]

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